The Importance of Math in Poker

Math is an important tool in poker not the only tool, but part of an important arsenal. To compete in any poker game, especially in an online poker game where, because of the myriad hands played, all players have access to thousands of hands of statistical data, learning the basic probabilities and odds of various poker situations becomes essential to making the right decisions. Playing free poker initially can be a good idea to learn a few math tricks.

Poker Tips

Welcome to our poker tips section. Each of the points made below are excellent pieces of advice, however, most were short enough snippets that I didn’t think they warranted an entire article to cover. The starting piece of advice centers around trying to bluff a bad player. Don’t do it! One of the most basic principles of choosing your spot for a bluff is knowing whether or not the opponent you’re trying to bluff is likely to fold a weak, but made hand — or fold a mediocre draw.