The Bellagio Poker Room

Poker is one of the most played card game in the world of gambling. It has become a sensationalized leisure activity. In Las Vegas, poker is a famous past time. Almost everyone who visits and lives in Vegas knows what poker is. It rules the rooms of every hotel and reins the tables of each room. Because of the reputation the city has earned from poker, it is without doubt the home of the best poker rooms in the world.

History of Slot Machines

They are a staple of casinos throughout the world. Dozens of the one-armed bandits are filtered throughout the casino floor. The sounds of slot machine activity in a casino are non-stop. While there are numerous games to play in every casino, the slot machines are the ultimate revenue generators for most casino operators. About 70 percent of the average casinos income is generated through slot machines.

Texas Holdem Online

In Texas Holdem, players are dealt two down cards as their personal hand (hole cards).  After the first round of betting ends, the dealer burns the top card and deals three board cards face up (called the flop) and another round of betting occurs. The next two board cards dealt are turned one at a time, with a round of betting after each.