Betfair Review

Betfair Poker is owned and operated by the biggest sports exchange in the world. They recently moved their poker room off of the Cryptologic network and now are a stand-alone poker room. It is home and sponsor to the newest rising star of poker Annette_15, who recently won the EPT. Piggybacking off her success, Betfair have two $200000 guaranteed tourneys a week, where you can pit your wits against this ruthless player.

Tournament Strategy A Beginners guide

The starting stages of any online poker tournament should be where you try to accumulate some chips. Although a tight style might see you through to the middle stage, you are unlikely to be have enough chips to push players around later. Do not go all in unless you have the stone cold nuts. Which means, do not go all in pre-flop at this stage. At this point you have enough chips to see some flops, make some bets and take down some pots – make sure that you use them.