Tournaments for Slots

One of the most overlooked opportunities provided by online casinos, is the chance to engage in tournaments. Traditionally, poker was the only game that came in a tournament format, and for obvious reasons. The very structure of the game has always been predicated on the idea of competition between multiple players. It wasn’t even until 1970 that poker machines finally became the video poker machines we are familiar with today; meaning, the game was set-up like traditional poker but involved playing alone (technically against the house) as opposed to playing against one or more other players.

Tournament Strategy A Beginners guide

The starting stages of any online poker tournament should be where you try to accumulate some chips. Although a tight style might see you through to the middle stage, you are unlikely to be have enough chips to push players around later. Do not go all in unless you have the stone cold nuts. Which means, do not go all in pre-flop at this stage. At this point you have enough chips to see some flops, make some bets and take down some pots – make sure that you use them.