Tournament Strategy A Beginners guide

The starting stages of any online poker tournament should be where you try to accumulate some chips. Although a tight style might see you through to the middle stage, you are unlikely to be have enough chips to push players around later. Do not go all in unless you have the stone cold nuts. Which means, do not go all in pre-flop at this stage. At this point you have enough chips to see some flops, make some bets and take down some pots – make sure that you use them.

poker tournament

After the first hour or two there will be a big difference between the biggest stacks and the smallest ones. At this point in the tournament your stack size becomes important in determining what hands you can play against which opponents. Try to play pots in position against medium sized stacks – these players are comfortable enough not to want to be involved in a large pot without a very strong hand, and are more likely to fold. Those with large or small stacks are more likely to push all in causing you to fold and lose chips or bust out.

The bubble is defined at the period of time when just a few more players need to be busted before the paying positions begin. This is where other players tighten up. You can use this to your advantage by being aggressive a sealing blinds or small pots. Being aggressive doesn’t mean making stupid moves however. Don’t risk your entire stack on a bluff.

If you make it to the final table of an online poker tournament, nice one! – here is where the big payouts start. You are probably short stacked in terms of the blinds. If this is the case you should move into push fold poker. Make people pay for the chance to knock you out.

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